Natural Selection

Sunfresh's freshly squeezed juices begin with the orange growers. Drawing our fruits from California, Florida, Australia, Israel and Spain, we work with our growers to ensure that Sunfresh oranges are the best of the crop.

We have established procedures under a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program to maintain the integrity of the product. Prior to squeezing the chilled fruit is thoroughly cleansed and carefully hand sorted. The fruit is then once again sanitized and rinsed prior to squeezing.

The "Heart" of the Squeezing Process

What differentiates Sunfresh from the competition is that we use South East Asia's only FMC premium citrus juice extractor. This ensures that the juice is free from any bitterness or peel-oil from peel extractives. The process gives a maximum yield, that allows us to keep costs competitive while still maintaining a world-class product.

Sealing the Goodness

Perhaps the most important ingredient in keeping our fresh juice is nature's own preservative: cold air. Immediately after the juice is squeezed, it is further chilled to under 2°C, and bottled into environmentally friendly HDPE bottles, only then is the juice transferred to 1°C cold storage.

The Chilled Journey

The secret to supply the best juice in town is control and planning. All Sunfresh fresh juices are:

  • made to order
  • delivered within 12 hours of squeezing
  • maintained at optimum chilled temperatures at every stage of the cold-chain control
The Sunfresh Promise
  • not from concentrate
  • no added sugar
  • not heat-treated

... so that customers enjoy the juice as nature intended

Sunfresh is driven by the need to maintain high quality standards and not by quantity/volume considerations.

As pioneers in the fresh juice industry, our brand has long been the market leader and acknowledged benchmark for the industry.

With Sunfresh you can always be assured of a juice above the rest.

The Perfect Squeeze
  • The upper & lower cutters cut two holes in the orange
  • The peel is then separated from the fruit.
  • The peeled fruit moves into the strainer tube where the juice is instantaneously separated from the seeds and the rest of the fruit.