In line with its firm commitment to the Singapore Packaging Agreement, Sunfresh has undertaken measures to make a positive impact on the environment, waste reduction and cost savings.

In 2008, Sunfresh switched from using corrugated cardboard boxes which were being discarded after one use, to returnable plastic trays to transport its products. This change reduced an estimated 51.5 tons of paper packaging waste annually.

In 2009, Sunfresh switched from using high-density polyethylene to polyethylene terephthalate as the packaging material for its products packed in 1L bottles and 250ml bottles. This reduced plastic packaging waste annually by 10.9 tons and 0.3 tons respectively. In addition, drink cartons with plastic spout caps used to pack fruit juices were replaced by cartons without the caps which reduced packaging material by another 0.6 tons annually.

In the same year, another environmental initiative Sunfresh has undertaken is to reuse rejected water from its reverse osmosis process to cool its mechanical equipment. The reverse osmosis process filters water to make it potable. Rejected water which was previously disposed of, is now used as a cooling medium to cool equipment and this saves a projected 1,600 cubic metres of water per annum.

Between July 2009 - July 2010, Sunfresh changed the way of packing of fresh orange fruits by using large carton bin. This change has significantly reduced the number of small carton boxes previuosly used to contain oranges, reducing packaging waste by 43.1 tons per year. In the same period, Sunfresh introduced more durable plastic pallets to replace wooden pallets, saving them more than $6,900 annually. This equates to reduction of 8.6 tons of packaging waste per year.

In 2011, Sunfresh reduced the weight of the plastic cups enabling Sunfresh to save an estimated 3.6 tons of plastic packaging annually.

Sunfresh also started re-using plastic bags from primary packaging of fruit juice concentrates for disposal of orange peel and other production waste, avoiding the need for up 1.7 tons per year of plastic packaging and saving the company of more than $ 6,700 annually. In the same year, Sunfresh has been re-using used paper cartons for supporting base for transportation of its goods and secondary cover for finished products with estimated saving of 21.7 tons ppaper packaging and $ 36,000 annually.

Singapore Packaging Agreement - Awards:

  • 2008   Merit Award
  • 2009   Merit Award
  • 2010   Distinction & Gold Award
  • 2011   Distinction & Platinum Award