Brief on Sunfresh

Sunfresh's core business is the production, merchandising and trade of blended fruit juices to Airlines, Retail, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Since it entered into the fruit juice business in 1981, the company has increased its processing capacity many fold, catering to the phenomenal growth experienced over the past years, with the changing of customer trends and preference for premium fresh fruit juice.

Sunfresh's success in the Fruit Juice business is largely due to competence and excellence in the handling of all stages from sourcing of raw materials to processing and marketing.

Over time, Sunfresh has been concerned with offering its customers a wide range of products, especially those with more added value and which differentiate it from competition.

Outstanding in this line are 100% Freshly Squeezed Juice, Fresh pasteurized products (not from concentrate – NFC) and premium juice.

Through years of experience and through innovation and successful expansion, Sunfresh has achieved high quality standards for its products, economics of scale throughout its operations and geographical diversification.

Sunfresh Milestones

Sunfresh Singapore Pte Ltd Founded.

Long-life products launched in 100ml Portion cup.

Long-life products launched in 1L Gable Top Carton

Ambient Juice Concentrate launched in 1L Gable Top Carton